Pasantia On Premise

Administration Control

 Provide the payments in the right dates by document organization

 Provide the distributors of free goods with receipts of solicitations, review the controls and forward to the Logistic Department.

 Control the expenses (cash and free goods), through the analysis between financial report and internal spreadsheet.

 Follow the regionals expenses in order to ensure that it won’t exceed the budget.

Contracts Control
 Assure the right use of the Contracts through the validation of the information contained in them.
 Provide the payment to the client on the correct date.
 Assure that the document will be signed and that the client receives his copy.
 Analyse the investment by each Contract, in order to guarantee the right decisions and if it fits in the Budget.

Regionals Support
 Contribute to the regional routine by development of tools and process.
 Sustain the right use of BI (Business Intelligence) tool through maintenance of the handhelds and communication with the online platform supplier.
 Minimize the risk of exceeding the expenses through counseling the ROPM’s about their budget status.

Field Analysis
 Obtain the sales volume in the system.
 Analyze the sales and execution numbers, through the spreadsheets and compares with the targets.
 Formulate the monthly reports - M&S Report (Marketing and Sales Report), N1 - by presentation of the numbers of sales, execution and coverage.
 Keep the information updated through constant analysis of numbers (financial and sales).
 Support the National On Premise Manager with information of the expenses, and sales reports.
 Bull Checker: responsible for the correct use of the Bull Checker, reports and follow up.

 Manage the POS (Point of Sale) Materials stock by control of what comes or comes out
 Support the material division by regional through organizations of the Distributors and leasing contracts.