Biologics Development Consulting Group

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Biologics development consulting group (BDCG) provides consulting services to the biopharmaceutical industry. We specialize in development and optimization of bioprocesses for the production of novel and biosimilar recombinant proteins in a wide variety of mammalian and bacterial expression systems. BDCG utilizes its own team and a network of expert consultants to provide support. We know that success in every phase from development to commercialization requires specialized skills, so we offer an integrated team of knowledgeable consultants with 15 years industry know-how that provide the experience that you need. Our knowledge comes from the development and production of complex proteins, including monoclonal and bispecific antibodies, clotting factors, enzymes, growth factors, fusion proteins, hormones, vaccines, tissue engineering and more. Our expertise includes cell line development, cell banking, upstream and downstream manufacturing processes in fed-batch or perfusion systems, media development, protein characterization, scaling up, manufacturing support and technical writing.

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